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By Mike Johnson on 12/17/2018 7:38 AM

ZW Dojo Wars SuperShow 14: Jordan Oliver v. JGeorge

December 12th, 2018

This past Wednesday night CZW Dojo Wars presented a special mid-week SuperShow to cap off the end of Cage of Death week! Slade's mission to eradicate the Family took a weird turn post-match with a sign of respect from Meatbag. Jimmy Lloyd continued his attempt to make it through every member of YDNB to get his hands-on Jordan Oliver and the CZW Wired Television Championship when he met Valentina Vazquez. Eddy Blackwater took to defending his F.E.A.R. boss Joe Gacy when he took on Leyla Hirsch. The Tournament of Valor continued, and 2 best friends had to put their differences aside to try to pick up their first points. PLUS, we crowned a new number one contender for the Medal of Valor with a strange twist. In the main event, JGeorge FINALLY got his shot at CZW gold that he has been on a mission to receive for months. Results below!

(1) KRIS BISHOP, TAHIR JAMES, JASON SINCLAIR, "BIG" CAL STEVENS, TIM TAYLOR, & ISAIH WOLFE b ARI ABBOTT, CZW MEDEAL OF VALOR CHAMPION: ERAN ASHE, KEE "KEESHIUS OHNO" MIN, KRISTIAN ROBINSON, & DA GUNNAZ (ERIC DESHIELDS & TY RENO) in a huge 12-man tag team showcase. This was part of the interesting match-ups presented as part of the Tournament of Valor as strange combinations in these tag team matches would be showcased throughout the tournament. Ashe, the current Champion of Valor, found himself on a team with his opponent last week in Min and his opponent next week in Robinson. The match up was pure chaos as everyone tried to jockey for position. The end came when Wolfe, the current Warriors of Wrestling No Limits Champion, picked up the victory for his team with a fireman's carry into a sit-out slam on Min in 11:53.

Post-match, Wolfe let everyone know that next week he has an open challenge for the No Limits Championship. It'll be interesting to see who answers the call as "Big" Cal Stevens picked up a victory over Wolfe a few weeks back.

(2) TOURNMENT OF VALOR, BLOCK B: ELLIS TAYLOR (2pts) p VINNY TOLATTA (0pts) in 2:34 with a roll-up from a fireman's carry pick up by Tolatta. Replay clearly showed that Taylor held Tolatta's tights. There was a series of miscommunication between Vinny Tolatta and his corner man, Ari Abbott. Abbott was seen later in the evening pressing Ellis Taylor about his potential injury, hoping to take his place in the tournament should he be hurt.

(3) SLADE p MEATBAG in a CZW RULES MATCH in 5:57 after a powerslam into an inverted DDT onto chairs. Meatbag tried to jump Slade early by spitting thumbtacks into his eyes and even brought out a barb wire stick but Slade overcame the efforts and even used the barbwire on Meatbag! Post-match was the story as Meatbag, wounded and battered after the contest, would raise Slade's hand as a sign of respect.

(4) JIMMY LLOYD p VALENTINA VAZQUEZ in 6:59 after a Package Piledriver. LLOYD survived a game VAZQUEZ, who keeps picking up confidence as the week progress to pick up the victory in a great match. Lloyd now looks to take on ELLIS TAYLOR in his quest to make it through the YOUNG DUMB N BROKE gauntlet and a potential shot at CZW WIRED TELEVISION CHAMPION, JORDAN OLIVER.

(5) TOURNAMENT OF VALOR, BLOCK B: BOOM HARDEN (4pts) p CHARLIE TIGER (0pts) in 12:16 with a small package from a suplex attempt by Tiger. This was a hard-hitting contest. Tiger, a bonafide dark horse to win the entire Tournament of Valor, found himself upset by Harden. Harden, by virtue of 2 huge victories early in the tournament, finds himself in the catbird seat of the Block B. The favorite to win the Block, JORDAN OLIVER, sees his first match in the tournament next week.

(6) TOURNAMENT OF VALOR, BLOCK B: JAE FRE (1pt) and DK MEADOWS (1pt) went to a Fifteen Minutes Time Limit Draw. These two best friends went toe-to-toe for the full-time limit. Fre seemed to be taking advantage of Meadows' recent rib injury throughout, while Meadows found himself on a few separate occasions stopping potential count-out victories. Both men got a great ovation from the crowd.

(7) EDDY BLACKWATER and LEYLA HIRSCH went to a NO CONTEST in 4:38 when they brawled around ringside and refused to obey the referee's orders. A kendo stick got involved in the contest. Hirsch would end up German suplexing Blackwater into the crowd that included the current CZW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, THE REP who were in attendance celebrating their victory at CAGE OF DEATH XX. Hirsch again demanded to face JOE GACY, who she took out from his commentary duties at DOJO WARS a few weeks back.

(8) EDDY BLACKWATER won a 9 PERSON BATTLE ROYAL in 4:44 to become Number One Contender to the CZW MEDAL OF VALOR. The battle royal also included Boom Harden, Leyla Hirsch, Tahir James, Kristian Robinson, Jason Sinclair, “Big” Cal Stevens, Charlie Tiger, Valentina Vazquez. Post-match is where things got interesting as Blackwater declared that on December 28th he was going to retire TROOPER AUDUBON. He was given the option to make his match with Trooper a 3-Way for the Medal or receive a one-on-one title match NEXT WEEK. Blackwater instead demanded to face ERAN ASHE right then and there!

(9) ERAN ASHE p EDDY BLACKWATER in 17 seconds after a Samoan Drop to retain the CZW MEDAL OF VALOR for the 10th time. Ashe was just too much for Blackwater to overcome, especially after having just wrestled 2 straight match ups and was on the receiving end of a beatdown by Leyla Hirsch. Ashe now finds himself without a challenger going into the YEAR END SPECTACULAR SUPERSHOW on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28th. Ashe will meet Kristian Robinson next Wednesday as part of the TOURNAMENT OF VALOR. The Medal will be on the line.

(10) JORDAN OLIVER p JGEORGE in 17:43 to retain the CZW WIRED TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP. This match was a back and forth affair, though not without a bit of controversy. The referee would go down and JGeorge would hit Oliver with the Wired Title. He would demand that Head of CZW Human Resources & Dojo Wars, WILLIAM TURNER leave the hard camera and count the pinfall. Turner would count but Oliver would kick out at 2. Oliver would recover and hit his LOST IN THE SAUCE cutter for the 3 count. JGeorge was dejected after the match up and would refuse to leave the ring. Rumor has it, local fire department officials needed to be called on the scene to remove JGeorge from the building.

Join us each and every Wednesday for CZW DOJO WARS. Bell time is around 8:07PM. This week we have 9 huge matches including the return of DJ HYDE as he takes on LOGAN BLACK in a huge showcase. The Tournament of Valor continues! Full line up below:

Eran Ashe (1-0) defends the Medal of Valor against Kee Min (0-1)!

Leyla Hirsch (1-0), still upset that Joe Gacy has not answered her challenge will meet Kristian Robinson (0-1)!

Tahir James (0-1) takes on Griffin McCoy (1-0)

Jordan Oliver (0-0) has his first match in the tournament against Jae Fre (0-1-1)

After this past week's SuperShow we're currently without a challenger for the Medal of Valor for our YEAR END SPECTACULAR on Friday December 28th. Mr. William Turner has decided to change a few things up and has announced a Fatal Four Way for the shot!

Kris Bishop v. Jason Sinclair v. Boom Harden v. Charlie Tiger

DJ Hyde meets Logan Black!

Ari Abbott & Vinny Tolatta take on Da Gunnaz

The East Coast Syndicate return to take on a trios team led by DK Meadows

Isiah Wolfe has announced he will have an open challenge for the Warriors of Wrestling No Limits Championship.