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By Mike Johnson on 12/21/2018 7:04 AM

Dangerous Women of Wrestling issued the following:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.

We just wanted to take a quick second to share the news and congratulate former Women’s World Champion G.I. HO on tying the knot and marriage this past weekend in Bucks County, PA. We wish her all the best.

G.I. Ho debuted in 2000, quickly capturing her first Women’s World Championship title for the Dangerous Women of Wrestling at their marquee show “Weapon City” that took place at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia, PA back in 2001. Soon after, she also won the WEW title as well, and carried both titles simultaneously. G.I. Ho was an instant cult favorite among fans on the independent wrestling scene. 

G.I. HO Music Video and custom theme song

GI HO had epic battles with ALEXIS LAREE aka MICKIE JAMES, TAI "KILLER" WEED, LADY STORM, and even went hardcore with her arch rival and enemies ELLE MAE, THE SMOKE and SOUND GUY.

The original GI HO has never been duplicated or replicated in anyway since her departure and retirement from the pro wrestling business in 2004, after sustaining several injuries and concussions. 

G.I. HO was the longest reigning Dangerous Women of Wrestling Women’s World Champion, as well as holding WEW's title. She went on to work for the TWZ (The Wrestling Zone), a brand that ran using mainly ECW talent immediately after Extreme Championship Wrestling closed their doors in 2001, and also Court Bauer’s MLW original run.  

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The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is women’s pro wrestling, with extreme style stunts --meets Jerry Springer and Girls Gone Wild. Founded in 1999 as an all oil wrestling federation, this little women’s wrestling that could quickly morphed into a company also featuring professional female wrestlers. The concept was quickly developed and brought to national pay per view, back in the early 2000s, repackaged under Stonecutter’s Steve Karel’s WEW Women’s Extreme Wrestling brand --that still airs on pay per view to this day.