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By Sammy Kiss on 12/28/2018 11:27 AM

Ho, ho, ho and Happy Holidays one and all! I must say, it certainly seemed a huge gamble when Wildkat Sports announced their next show would be a Christmas Night event, but that gamble paid off, as hundreds of raucous fans poured into JD Meisler Gymnasium to end their Holiday with some tremendous wrestling action and a show full of shocking surprises! Halls were decked as the Wildkat Superstars handed out plenty of seasons beating all night long! Here's what went down!

Scott Phoenix defeats El Saiko Gato (6:04)

PJ Hawx wins the 3-Way Dance against Jace Valor & Danny Flamingo (10:07)

Bu Ku Dao defeats Ryan Davidson in an “American/Vietnamese Christmas Fight” (13:43)

Fortune 5K wins the Triple Threat Tag War against the Pump Patrol and the team of Amarok & Hyperstreak (9:21)

Brian Cage defeats Luke Hawx (14:32)

Jonny Flex defeats Matt Lancie by Disqualification (Lancie retains the Revolution Championship) (10:05)

Steve Anthony defeats J. Spade to become the NEW Wildkat World Champion (21:37)

There was tremendous energy from the Wildkat audience for the entire show. The holiday spirit was resonating with everyone in the building and it permeated throughout the entire evening. This show was dedicated to long time Wildkat supporter Della Koen who couldn't be at the show due to a terrible car accident in the fall. The proceeds of the event went to help aid in her recovery. Wildkat wants to thank everyone who came out to support our company and help bring some Christmas cheer to Ms. Koen. We couldn’t do any of this without our great fans!

Scott Phoenix VS El Saiko Gato

The show kicked off with this long awaited rematch that got the audience going from the start! Phoenix looked to make up for coming up short in his return to Wildkat Sports at October's Revolution Rumble, showing a lot of aggression toward crowd favorite Gato. The Showcase rallied the New Orleans area crowd with “Who Dat?!” calls before hitting a huge leg drop for a two count. Gato fired back, avoiding a potential superplex and then going for a Senton Splash that unfortunately missed, giving Phoenix the opportunity to hit his IOC finisher, the Instant Overall Classic, and score a huge pinfall victory!

The Holiday festivities continued as Wildkat MC Edward King introduced General Manager David Powers to the ring. With a smile from ear to ear and accompanied by one of Santa's Christmas helpers to boot, the General Manager was eager to spread some Holiday cheer, throwing candy canes into the crowd and handing out gifts to the children around ringside. Smiles quickly turned to frowns when they were interrupted by the House of Harper's Kojak Sly and perennial Chris Harper. Harper shamed the GM for his holiday cheer, claiming no one in attendance deserved any presents whatsoever. Mr. Powers dismissed this display of disrespect by informing Hardbody that the only person in the building on Santa's Naughty List was in fact Harper himself. The GM went on to say that Kojak had been a “good boy” however and deserved a Christmas present. Mr. Powers’ helper elf then gave Kojak a wrapped gift that turned out to be a Barbie Doll, which incensed the Hulk of Harper. Kojak went ballistic, assaulting the pintsized helper elf with a malicious attack, including a brutal clothesline that nearly took the Elf's head off! After such a violent outburst, not to mention ruining the Christmas celebration, General Manager Powers publicly suspended Kojak Sly indefinitely! Kojak was livid, causing a huge scene at ringside that provoked the rest of the House of Harper to run out and calm down the Behemoth. I reached out for comments after the incident backstage, and the enraged Kojak Sly made it clear that he didn't care what the General Manager decreed, no one could stop him from doing whatever he wanted.

PJ Hawx VS Jace Valor VS Danny Flamingo

The three crowd favorites showcased their respect for one another with some pre match handshakes, but this huge triple threat match quickly broke down as all three superstars vied to earn a crucial win towards a future Championship opportunity. It was a game of attrition as no man could maintain the advantage for long. The Chalmation Sensation Danny Flamingo showed his tenacity by constantly staying on Hawx but was constantly cut off by the tenacious Jace Valor. Valor caught the Prodigy PJ Hawx on the top rope, positioning Hawx on his shoulders before getting caught with a Mafia Kick from Flamingo that sent both men tumbling down in dramatic fashion. The tide turned for the Prodigy when he scored a huge crossbody on to both men before hitting the Hawxbuster on Valor and getting the pin to continue his winning streak in Wildkat Sports. Flamingo was livid after the match, storming out from ringside. Clearly frustrated over losing without being involved in the decision, the Chalmation Sensation told this correspondent that PJ Hawx got “lucky” but still never beat Danny Flamingo. Was that a challenge from the Patron Saint of Saint Bernard to the Prodigy PJ Hawx for a one-on-one contest? 

American/Vietnamese Christmas Fight:

Bu Ku Dao Vs Ryan Davidson

These two have been feuding the entirety of 2018 and it's appropriate they'd finally settle it in a contest with no disqualifications. As preposterous as the proposed rules of this matchup would suggest, The Sitsu-Asian Bu Ku Dao came prepared with all the festive dressings, bringing his own Christmas tree with him to the ring. The Bear Ryan Davidson was in no mood, kicking the tree away as this heated matchup got underway. It was power vs speed in a battle where both men threw everything imaginable at one another. From a phony Bu Ku Dummy, to beating each other with chopsticks and brooms, to using Christmas lights to strangle one another, this match never slowed down. The highlight came when “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson dumped out a bag of fortune cookies to slam Bu Ku Dao onto! These two absolutely left it all in the ring before Bu Ku Dao hit his spinning Wasabi finisher for the pinfall victory! A very Merry Christmas for the Sitsu-Asian who finally put down the Bear. I just wish so many fortune cookies didn't have to be sacrificed to do it.

Triple Threat Tag War: Fortune 5k Vs Pump Patrol Vs Hyperstreak & Amarok

The gifts kept on giving with this match, literally, as Pump Patrol insisted on handing out a Christmas present in the middle of this match. Jared Wayne gave the present in question to Fortune 5k’s Reginald Gates. Gates, who is making his return to Wildkat after spending much of 2018 expanding Fortune 5k abroad, became flustered when after opening his Christmas present the box turned out to be empty. Wayne used this distraction to his advantage, locking on an armbar through the Christmas package! This match was incredibly chaotic with so many constant tags it was hard for this reporter to keep up! There was a very international vibe to this contest, as Hyperstreak came to Wildkat from a tour of China to team with the mysterious Amarok, who had an excellent exchange with Fortune 5k’s Nathan Bradley, who just completed training at the NJPW Dojo. All three teams fought to establish dominance in the Wildkat tag division. Patrol seemed to have the match won and continue their run a top the tag division after hitting their Drop Set on Hyperstreak when the House of Harper's Edgrin Stone and the suspended Kojak Sly came out to ringside, calling out the Pump Patrol. With Pump Patrol distracted, Fortune 5k capitalized, dumping Pump Patrol out from behind and then covering the fallen Hyperstreak to pick up the huge victory.

Brian Cage Vs Luke Hawx

Hard to believe this was a first time ever matchup between the Swolverine and the Southern Stomper. The current X-Division Champion Brian Cage and Luke Hawx used their incredibly impressive physiques to try and one up one another in a battle of strengths early on, with each exchange resulting in a stalemate. As the match progressed, both men began to utilize not only their strength, such as when Cage caught Hawx in midair into a powerslam, but high risk repertoire as well, including a huge Frankensteiner by Hawx onto Cage. Both men were so equally matched and left it all in the ring, with Cage ultimately capturing the victory after a Lights Out. Cage raised Hawx's arm after the match in a show of respect that Hawx returned. A tremendous contest between two true gladiators. 

Revolution Championship: Matt Lancie(c) Vs Jonny Flex

The sight of Handsome Chris Harper once again in the Matt Lancie's corner is still unsettling after all these years. The two realigned at the Revolution Rumble where they, along with Kojak Sly and Edgrin Stone, conspired to capture the Revolution Championship. Lancie had impressively won the Rumble and earned a #1 contender match as a result. He chose to invoke that right on the same night, adding himself to the Revolution title match between Scott Phoenix and then Champion Jonny Flex, making it a triple threat. As such contests are inherently no disqualification, there was nothing stopping the impending attack of The House of Harper in the match, giving the cheap victory to Lancie and crowning him the new Champ. Flex invoked his rematch here Christmas Night and took it to the champ, but the Outlaw quickly cut down his challenger. The always intense Lancie viciously assaulted Flex, beating him to a near pulp, but Wrestling's Biggest Man would not stay down. Harper constantly interfered whenever the referee’s attention was elsewhere, proving an invaluable asset at ringside. The disgusting Harper at one point even lowered his pants for some reason, revealing undershorts with Flex's face plastered all over them! Yet despite all the effort, Flex would not relent. Lancie grew incredibly frustrated, allowing Flex an opening to hit a devastating looking spinning DDT out of the corner! This put Lancie in enough dire straits that it provoked Edgrin Stone and Kojak Sly to hit the ring, causing a disqualification. Despite Kojak Sly being suspended earlier in the night, he and Stone Assaulted Flex with Lancie and Harper. This horrendous behavior was done right in front of the General Manager, who clearly has his hands full with the House of Harper who seem to do whatever they want. The beating would not persist though as the rest of Pump Patrol ran in to make the save along with Scott Phoenix, who wanted payback from the Rumble. Phoenix and Pump Patrol stood tall in the ring as the House of Harper retreated to the back. Matt Lancie is still, however, the Wildkat Revolution Champion.

Wildkat World Championship: J. Spade(c) Vs Steve Anthony

479. That's how many days it's been since J Spade captured the Wildkat Championship from Stevie Richards. The Wildcard has fought and defeated all comers, proving to be a great fighting Champion. He even defeated challenger Steve Anthony back in August. However, that contest was J Spade versus the “Mythian Warrior” Steve Anthony. The Steve Anthony that entered Wildkat Sports on Christmas Night was not that same man. This was a different Steve Anthony. Gone was the armor and warrior helm. Gone was the sense of honor and code. This was instead the Steve Anthony of old. This was the “exclamation Point” Steve Anthony: a man who would do whatever it took to win. Anthony has proven to be good enough to stand on top of the mountain before, being the first ever Wildkat World Champion. But he had his hands full with the Champion J. Spade. The Wildcard was in rare form, showing a tenacity and intensity above anything we've seen before. The self-professed “2nd best in the World” always strives to be better and he did so in this contest. Both men had upped their game, and neither man seemed like they'd stop until they came out on top. A tremendous contest for the ages, Spade seemed to have racked up another successful title defense after hitting the Royal Flush, but referee Said Abumusa declared it a two count. Much of the crowd seemed to think it was a three, as did the Champ who argued with the official over the call. When Spade returned his attention to Anthony, the Exclamation Point hit a low blow on the Wildcard! Anthony then capitalized with a huge package pile-driver like maneuver before going for the pin, and referee Said used a blatant fast count for the three! New Champion! Steve Anthony is declared the new Wildkat World Champion to a chorus of boos. Fans threw garbage into the ring as the referee raised Steve Anthony's arm in victory! An incredibly controversial and polarizing decision that ended Christmas on a monumental note. I'm still in shock over this result: why did Said screw over J Spade? Will this decision stand? Wildkat officials have as of now declared that the referee's decision stands, despite how repugnant it was. Bottom line, we have a new World Champion, and his name is Steve Anthony.

What an incredible show! It was a Christmas the Wildkat fans in attendance won't soon forget. A memorable night that ends Wildkat's 2018 in dramatic fashion. What's in store for Wildkat Sports in 2019? No one can know for sure, but if this show was any indication, bigger and better things are on the horizon. If it aint Wildkat, it ain't wrestling!

Special thanks to King Beard for keeping time on the matches for Wildkat Sports Holiday Spectacular.