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By Mike Johnson on 1/7/2019 7:10 AM

1/6- CWE 1/4 Hardcore Over Haircuts Results Ft. Tommy Dreamer.

Canadian Wrestling's Elite kicked off 2019 with the first event of the year and what a way to start the year! The fans of Winnipeg packed Rookie's Sports Bar for the most successful event at the venue in the 5+ years CWE has operated there with fans having to be turned away! Here is what went down,

1) "The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom pinned "Hellbilly" Rex Roberts with a brainbuster.

2) CWE Tag Team Champion "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle was victorious over Diego DaVinci.

3) "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon scored the win over "Gunner" Gatlin Church.

4) CWE Champion "Hotshot" Danny Duggan retained the CWE CHampionship against High Impact Wrestling Star Tony Novak by submission with The Crueler Crossface.

5) "The Tattooed Terminator" Darren Dalton pinned "The Crazed Cowboy" Jacob Creed with a spear.

6) Blazin' Dick, Billy Blaze & "The Main Vein" Dick Blood made short work of Wildman Firpo & Dr. Marty Goldstein.

7) "Outlaw" Adam Knight & "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada wrestled to a no contest after The Cannon Corporation laid waste to both men as well as Darren Dalton and Rob Stardom who attempted to stop the assault.

8) 2018 Elite 8 Winner Roy "Flash" Gordon pinned "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy in overtime.

9) Sam Davidson upset "The Rebel" Bobby Collins in a match where anyone who entered the ringside area would be suspended due to the melee earlier in the night.

10) Scott Ripley w/"The Coach" Kelly Russell defeated "Sin City Saint" Vinnie DaVinci.

11) "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer, "Big" Cliff Corleone, & "Pimp Daddy" Rick Matthews were victorious over The Degenerates, CWE Hardcore Champion "Misfit" Mike Mission, Tyler James, & Dragneel in an Extreme Rules Match.

CWE returns to Rookie's Sports Bar on March 1st!

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