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By Shannon Walsh on 1/23/2019 8:45 AM

SHINE Nova Champion Aja Perera landed in the hospital on Sunday in a near-deadly situation. She thought she had swollen lymph nodes. It turned out to be an abscess that could have killed her over the weekend. Despite the issue, she still wrestled in the Brii Combination Wrestling women’s tournament on Friday in Bronx, NY., and against Keira Hogan on Saturday afternoon at Shine 56 in Queens, NY. 

Texas indie star Angel Blue has a neck injury that may require surgery. She is not taking bookings at the moment. She is one of the top heels in Texas and a near eleven year veteran. 

Katey Harvey was injured on an Over The Top Wrestling show in Dublin, Ireland on 1/20/19. She landed badly on the floor and ended up breaking both of her elbows which required surgery. It was was supposed to have been a 6-man tag match with Harvey, Raven Creed and Amy Allonsy vs. Veda Scott, Debbie Keitel, and Valkyrie (Irish star not to be confused with Taya Valkyrie). Harvey had to be helped to the back unable to continue, and Allonsy no-showed, thus Creed was alone to take the fall.