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By Shannon Walsh, on 6/3/2019 6:44 AM

Sendai Girls results from Hiroshima, Japan at Blue Live on 6/2/19.

Mikoto Shindo pinned Manami.

Aiger beat Sakura Hirota.

Meiko Satomura and the returning Heidi Katrina beat Alex Lee and KAORU when Satomura pinned KAORU after the Death Valley Bomb.

This will be a short Japan appearance for Katrina. She will be on the 6/8/19 and 6/9/19 shows and then “The British Amazon” returns to the Midwest, USA with this schedule:

Girl Fight Wrestling in Jeffersonville, Indiana on 6/11/19.

XICW’s The Sheik and Malcolm Monroe Sr. Memorial Show on 6/15/19 in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Pro Wrestling All-Stars on 6/21/19 in Detroit, Michigan.

International Big Time Wrestling on 6/23/19 at the El Club in Detroit, Michigan.

Chihiro Hashimoto pinned Yuu with the Albright suplex.

DASH Chisako and Mika Iwata beat Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans when DASH pinned McKenzie after the hormone splash.