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By Shannon Walsh, on 6/3/2019 6:04 AM

AAW live on Twitch from Austin, Texas at The Blue Genie on 5/31/19.

Justin Simmons is play by play. Ricardo Rodriguez is the color man.

Andy Dalton vs. Clayton Gainz vs. Paco vs. Kody Lane vs. Barrett Brown

Dalton pinned Lane after the brainbuster when everyone else was taken out on the outside.

Thunder Rosa vs. Christi Jaynes

Rosa got the pin after a Code Red.

Rosa used a leg sweep and turned it into a rocking horse then planted Jaynes hard on the mat.

Jaynes with a code breaker, then monkey flipped Rosa into a tree of woe. She climbed on the top rope and came down with a double stomp.

Jaynes was not able to put Rosa away with a Falcon Arrow and moonsault.

After the match, Rosa said she wanted a shot at the women’s title.

Sami Callihan came out and demanded Rosa leave the ring. She refused. She said it was AAW and not Sami’s show. He gave her to a count of three to leave. She refused. He kicked her and then gave her the package piledriver.

Sami said he’s the champion and he will face his friend Darby Allin in the main event. He said everyone, including Rosa, can kiss his ass.

Ace Austin (with Clayton Gainz) vs. Josh Alexander

Alexander took out Gainz to the outside with a sliding dive. Austin then did a Fosbury Flop to the outside.

Gainz spit something in Alexander’s face and Austin took over with a spin kick and leg drop off the rope but Alexander kicked out.

Alexander kept trying to go for an ankle lock but Austin kept finding a way to escape.

Alexander pinned Austin after an angel wings piledriver.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. AAW Heritage Champion Jake Something

Mance Warner came and said he’s going to sit ringside and watch the match and have a few beers.

It was basically a handicap match as Jacobs felt intimidated and distracted by Warner out there.

They went to the outside and Jacobs used the wooden steps as a weapon against Something and he also kept arguing with Warner.

Jacobs with a crucifix bomb for a near fall.

Something caught Jacobs as he went for the spear and turned it into a gut wrench powerbomb.

Jacobs kept going for a choke submission but Something was able to rush him to cause them both to spill to the outside.

Jacobs punched at Warner on the outside and grabbed a chair. Warner got on the ring and grabbed the chair from Jacobs as he was going to use it on Something.

Something pinned Jacobs after the distraction from Warner.

After the match, Warner taunted a dizzy Jacobs and wondered when Jacobs was going to fight him. Jacobs got off the mat in anger and punched Warner. They briefly brawled then Jacobs bailed out of the ring and walked to the back.

Mance Warner vs. Eddie Kingston

Warner got the pin after a lariat. Jimmy Jacobs came back out to fight Warner and accidentally speared Kingston. Warner punched Jacobs with an object in hand and Jacobs was sent out of the ring.

Jacobs tried to attack after the match but got laid out by Warner again.

Warner took his time to leave ringside as he was talking to fans. Jacobs recovered and attacked him with a chair and gave him repeated shots.

Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz

Vega and Fitchett get the win. Xavier and Wentz attacked with a vengeance after the match.


Ace Romero vs. Ryan Davidson

Ace gets the pin after a scoop slam and avalanche elbow.

Priscilla Kelly vs. AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok

Havok got the pin after a tombstone. They fought on the top rope and Kelly tried to go for her wraparound neckbreaker finisher but got caught. Good match.

Kelly went down into her trunks and smelled her fingers then wanted to do a knuckle lock with Havok. Havok wasn’t intimated or grossed out and they locked up.

Kelly with a big leap frog over Havok from off the ropes as Havok tried to charge her in the corner.

A series of face washes to the face of Kelly by Havok.

Havok with a choke bomb into the Boston Crab but Kelly was able to get the rope to break it.

Kelly managed to give Havok a German Suplex.

Havok gave Kelly on gentle kiss on the forehead when it was over.

(FYI- The Tokyo Joshi show has started live on DDT Universe so I’m trying to cover both shows at the same time.)

Juventud Guerrera and AR Fox beat Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow

Juvi wore a mask to the ring and wrestled with it on the whole time then he took it off when the match was over.

AAW Champion Sami Callihan vs. Darby Allin

Sami got on the mic and said he wanted Darby to do the finger poke of doom like WCW. He said it put WCW on the map and it will put AAW on the map too. He told Darby to take the fall and he’d buy him something to eat after.

He poked Darby in the chest but Darby refused to go down. He did it again and Darby grabbed his arm and turned it into a cradle for a near fall.

Sami went to the outside and Darby caught him with a big dive through the ropes. He tried to dive again but Sami threw a trash can at him.

They brawled in the crowd.

Sami suplexed Darby off the rope on to a chair laying flat in the ring.

Sami set up more chairs in the ring and body slammed Darby on one hanging in the ropes.

Darby with a springboard attempt but Sami catches him and gives him a spinning neckbreaker then a powerbomb.

Darby recovers and a series of quick reversals as Darby locks in an armbar but Sami escapes and it’s an trade of pin and submission attempts.

Sami hits the package piledriver but Darby kicks out.

Callihan wins by either ref stoppage or submission with a stretch muffler.

Darby placed Sami on several chairs set up in the ring. He then put a trash can on himself to do the coffin drop with it on. Sami moved and Darby landed on all the chairs while still inside the trash can. Sami locked in the stretch muffler and the referee checked on Darby inside the trash can and called for the bell.