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By Rob Brodhecker on 8/1/2019 7:18 AM

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on July 20

The crowd is pushing 250 at the Walton County Boys and Girls Club before bell time. I would estimate it being close to 260 once everyone's in their seats. Johnathon Feltner is your timekeeper, and Adam Vance is on video commentary. Triston Michaels, David Weakley, Harold Martin are your referees.

Feltner brings out SFCW owner David Manders and Diana Michel. Manders brings out Rick Richards, who had a health scare just a few days ago. Diana sings the National Anthem acapella.

Richards starts to introduce the first match and Dr. Brock struts to the ring. Brock says that this will be a great night for JBE. He says that the newest member of JBE will be revealed tonight. He exits the ring to a chorus of nerd chants but has to stop in the entranceway because Logan Creed makes his entrance.

Logan Creed vs. David Ali

This was a match that was set up after the last show was over. Ali cuts a promo on Creed and gets in Creed's grill and delivers several slaps to Creed's face. Creed grabs Ali and tosses him over the top rope. Creed goes out after him, but Ali slips into the ring, and Ali dives on Creed, once, twice, and goes for a third time but Creed catches him and sends Ali over the announcer's table. Back in the ring, Creed is dismantling Ali. Creed calls for a mic. Says that Ali has been talking all week, he's talking right now. He levels Ali again and then says that Ali will never talk about his wife and kid again. Creed pounds Ali some more. Creed says that he's been where Ali's at but he's the wrong guy to make a name against, and then just unloads on Ali. Triston tries to break it up, and Logan shoves him out of the way. Triston calls for the bell at 6:00. Logan chokeslams Ali. Logan's back on the mic cutting a promo. This is a great promo and can't wait to see the video of this, Ali tries to attack but gets cut off by Logan. Ali wins by DQ. Ali's on the mic while stumbling out of the ring. This was NOT your typical squash match, A-. Great mic work by both men, before, during, and after the match. Logan can cut a promo folks, let him do it more often.

GB1C (Tyler Rivera and Josh Wolverton) vs. JBE(c) (Brian Kane and Tetchi Makuji with Dr. Brock.) for the SFCW tag titles

Kane is on the mic. He says that Dr. Brock isn't at ringside because Brock has bigger fish to fry and that GB1C don't stand a chance anyway. Kane and Josh start. Josh and Tyler start hot on Kane with frequent tags and double teams. Kane takes a short cut to start working over Josh. Tetchi is in now. Some serious heat on Josh. Kane grabs one of the titles and has Tetchi set up Josh, but Josh ducks and Kane hits Tetchi with the belt and Josh makes the hot tag to Tyler who runs roughshod over Kane but only gets a two count. Kane hits a pop up powerbomb for a two count. GB1C hits a double team on Kane for a two count. They set up for another double team and still can't' put Kane away. They set up for a third double team, but Kane breaks it up and falls to the outside. Tetchi is back in and is cleaning up GB1C. Tetchi hits a spinning powerbomb on Tyler for the pinfall at 12:51. There are only four matches on the card tonight and this was the weakest of them. There was nothing wrong with the match itself, just with everything else going on, it kinda got lost in the shuffle. C+. The crowd gives GB1C a round of applause for their efforts tonight.

Ultimate Battleground match for the new SFCW Southern Classics Championship

Eliminations can only occur by pinfall or submission. A referee will be in the ring at all times. (Weakley)

Alan Angels and Sal Rinauro start the match.

Sal is doing his creepy guy routine. I don't think that Sal and Alan have faced off before, this is a definite case of old guard vs. young lion. Josh Powers enters. Josh and Alan square off while Sal is in the corner giggling. Ryan Rembrant is next out. He takes his time getting into the ring and eats a dropkick from Alan and then a tope. Sal takes out Alan, and it's three on 1. Matt "Sex" Sells comes out next, stumbling and bumbling his way to the ring, ( go and see his training video for this match as a reference). Ben Buchanan is out next. Powers and Buchanan square off in a power display. Marcus Cross is out next, and he takes out Sal, Josh, and Ryan with a top rope splash. Ryan is eliminated at 13:19 with a Wingsnapper from Alan. Michael Stevens is out next, dancing to "You can't touch this." Sells wants his music played and he air guitars his way into a pinfall from Sal at 16:30. Matt is now 0-40-1 for the year. Nigel Sherrod is out next, and the crowd is literally on their feet for him. Everyone in the ring is taking turns, knocking Nigel down, and he falls out of the ring. Sal eats double enzurguris(sp) from Marcus and Alan. Ramon Xander is out next. Ramon makes Josh tap out at 20:30. Griff Garrison is out next. He and Marcus team up and take out Stevens at 22:57. Griff pins Sal at 23:25. Griff and Ben square up. Hoss fight! They exchange chops to the chest that reverb around the building.

Adrian Hawkins is out next to the thunderous "Adrianna" chants. He takes his time as MnM are awaiting him. They get tired of waiting, and they leave to get him, and they toss him into the ring. Adrian gives them, Alan, and finally Ben Codebreakers to the face, and pins Ben with it at 26:55. Hawkins uses his feet to shove everyone out of the ring. Billy Buck runs out and goes right after Hawkins. Buck sets up for the Buckshot, and Adrian is begging for his life, and then he eye pokes Buck. Mikal Judas is out next. Hawkins is tossing everyone else into Judas' path to avoid getting punished by Judas. Judas delivers chokeslams to MNM and Ramon. Hawkins wants to team up with Buck, but Buck punches him out of the ring. Buck and Judas face-off and they exchange chops. David Ali comes out and grabs the mic. He mouths off, and Judas makes him eat a boot and then gets him in a crucifix and tosses Ali over the top rope onto Ramon, Alan, and MnM, Judas then chases Hawkins to the back. Everyone is fighting out at ringside. Will Kaution is out next. Sherrod escapes to the commentary table to give some play by play along with Adam. Ali pins Griff thanks to Sal who is still at ringside at 37: 34, Marcus follows soon after. Damien Bennett is now out, and he and Ramon start trading blows.

The refs finally get Sal and Stevens to the back. Ramon has an ankle lock on Bennett and Tetchi runs out and spits mist into Ramon's eyes, Bennett pins him at 39:29. BOLO is out next. Nigel is still doing commentary and BOL goes and grabs him and brings him back to the ring. Nigel eats a Buckshot at 41:25 to get pinned.

Reset: Ali, Alan, Bennett, Buck, BOLO, Kaution, Judas, and Hawkins are still in(but Judas and Hawkins are in the back). Josey Quinn is out next. Bennett goes to attack him in the entranceway, but Quinn kicks him in the face. Buck and Quinn square off. The final participant is none other than AC Mack. Deja vu all over again. A Mack 10 to Buck at 45: 40 for the pin. Ali pins BOLO at 45:58. Quin pins Ali at 46:12. Alan and Mack go at it. Hawkins back in and pins Kaution at 47:05. Judas is back, and Hawkins is tossing everyone back at Judas who chokes slams them. He grabs Hawkins to chokeslam him, but Rob Adonis rushes the ring and attacks Judas. Hawkins hits the Codebreaker on Judas for the pin at 49:07. Judas is pissed, and Adonis carries Hawkins to the back.

Reset: Alan, AC, Quinn, Bennett, and Hawkins are left. Quinn pins Bennett 51:46. He turns into AC Mack's Mack 10 at 51:58. Richards announces the final 2 of Alan and Mack. Hawkins is still in the match, though. Mack brings in a chair and wants to Mack 10 Alan onto it but Alan counters. Alan pins Mack at 53: 57. Hawkins rushes in from a side door and tries to sneak attack Alan, but Alan spots him and flips him over for the pin at 54: 20. Ya Boi is your new SFCW Classics Champion.

Intermission. Ali is out hawking his t-shirts bragging how he beat a super heavyweight. Todd announces that on August 17th, Alan Angels will defend against Slim J. Notables in the house: Papa Angels, TO NickMcDaniel and TO Myron Fancher, and former GWH referee of the year, Darryl Hall. Bill Behrens was out at MnM's table.

SFCW Heavyweight title match. Stryk Nyn vs. Jacob Ashworth

Stryk comes out with his flaming Freddy glove, and it's an always awesome visual. SFCW has been playing up the angle of who might be the newest member of JBE since the last show and I do have to say that I'm interested in seeing how it plays out. Will Jacob or Stryk be the newest member, or will Dr. Brock have something else up his ill-fitting jacket sleeve? We shall see.

The crowd showers both men with love, but in the ring, Jacob and Stryk are jawing and then punching to start the match. The action quickly spills out of the ring. Dr. Brock makes his way from the back, causing a distraction to Jacob. Both men seem equally matched, and the momentum swings around several times. Brock grabs at Stryk's leg, allowing Jacob to get a near fall. Stryk hits a stunner, but Jacob kicks out. Jacob plants Stryk for a near fall. Stryk hits another stunner but only got a two count. Jacob spears, Stryk for a near fall. Stryk gets Jacob up for an airplane spin but knocks down Triston. Visual 3 count on Jacob. Jacob hits his finisher for a visual three count. David Weakley comes out to make the count, but Brock pulls him out of the ring. Jacob grabs Brock and Stryk Spears him, Triston can only count to one. Slugfest in the middle of the ring, haymakers abound. Both men are about out on their feet. One final punch from both men and they are both down. Brock calls out JBE, and they attack Jacob. Triston calls for the DQ at 17:38.

Stryk attacks JBE, and they attack him. Brock grabs the mic. Logan Creed comes out and sends JBE outside the ring. As Jacob and Stryk stand shoulder to shoulder with Creed, Creed turns and chokeslams both of them. Logan has his way with them. Kaution and Ramon come out and attack JBE, but the numbers game catches them, and they send Kaution and Ramon in the ring to get chokeslammed by Creed. JBE sets up Jacob for the Scorched Earth from Creed. Creed has the SF title and is parading around the ring with it. He's on the mic and says that he is inevitable. JBE kicks everyone out of the ring and stands tall, preening for the hard cam. The JBE fans in the audience are loving this.