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By Mike Johnson on 2/12/2020 7:21 AM

D-Lo Brown Is Out, Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore Is In Feb 27-Mar 1st.

What an unbelievable start to 2020 for Canadian Wrestling's Elite!

January marked the beginning of CWE's 11th year of operations and after a decade of providing a near flawless record of nearly 100 "headline attractions" on hundreds upon hundreds of events we've been hit with an unfortunate string of bad luck to kick off the New Year.

The most recent being D-Lo Brown having to regretfully inform CWE management that although he was beyond stoked to make his return to Canadian Wrestling's Elite he made a giant oversight in a booking he took back in 2019 in Connecticut on the same weekend as CWE's Sky High Tour that was made at a late hour that mistakenly didn't make its way on to his booking sheet, thus leaving the entire weekend open and available when CWE inquired.

A very apologetic D-Lo Brown explored every option to see if was at all possible to reschedule in CT and appear in Canada February 27th through March 1st. Unfortunately for CWE and our fans the promoter very much required D-Lo Brown as scheduled as he was a crucial part of the marketing and booking of their event.

Although D-Lo Brown stood much more financial gain coming to Canada for 4 events over the one in the United States it was without question decided on behalf of both D-Lo Brown and CWE that the first booking be honored as we here at CWE although disappointed with the outcome would very much be upset if the shoe was on the other foot and he was booked with us first and opted to cancel for another event. 

Given the circumstance we here at CWE who have always been open and honest with our audience even when having to present unfortunate or bad news have and always will continue to be open and honest with our audience as that honesty and transparency is what has bonded the relationship we share with our fans and sincerely believe you, our fans appreciate that protocol and therefore understanding when these circumstances arise.


As someone who I have personally developed a very strong relationship and friendship with over the last decade including recommending D-Lo to countless promoters to great success, I can attest D-Lo's sincerity in his disappointment on making this oversight and has vowed to return on a future date by any means necessary even at little to no financial gain to ensure the fans of CWE get their opportunity to get down with the Brown!

AND! For anyone who has purchased a ticket for this event or plans on doing so and was looking forward to getting a signed photo of D-Lo Brown you can register your name at the admissions door with your proof of ticket purchase and the list of names will be mailed to D-Lo Brown's residence in Las Vegas where he will personalize and sign a FREE 8x10 photo addressed to you! 

That's a free near $30 dollar value on behalf of D-Lo Brown and Canadian Wrestling's Elite as an apology and a thank you for your understanding of the situation! 


When CWE gets knocked down, it gets up in a big way and even though D-Lo Brown will not able to appear over the weekend we are NOT letting the great fans of Canadian Wrestling's Elite down and ensuring they get a headline attraction like promised!

Making his return to Canadian Wrestling's Elite for the first time in 9 years is former WWE Tag Team Champion alongside William Regal and one of the very rare former WWE Superstars to win and defend a CWE Championship, Nick "EUGENE" Dinsmore!

Nick Dinsmore, highly regarded as one of the best kept secrets of in ring wizardry in the history of professional wrestling is a sheer genius in the ring technician department, a fact that was often hidden or not seen by those only familiar with his infamous "Eugene" WWE persona.

Now as a free agent wrestling fans get the best of both worlds as they get the character and personality that defied the odds and shared the ring with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania, had iconic moments with Steve Austin, The Rock, Ric Flair, Triple H, and many more to the wrestling Einstein that was trained by Dean Malenko and Danny Davis, won an unmatched 10 Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Championships, and is credited for training the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and many more mega stars of WWE produced in the 2000s from his tenure as a head trainer for OVW when it was a WWE affiliated developmental program.

Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore has been let off the leash and has been proving to the wrestling world what many either forgot or never realized to begin with and that he is one of the best in ring competitors of this century and looks to prove it four times over as he competes with the elite February 27th-March 1st!

See Nick "EUGENE" Dinsmore live on the following events,

Feb 27- Roseau River First Nation, MB

Feb 28- Winnipeg, MB

Feb 29- Regina, SK

Mar 1- Saskatoon, SK

For full tour information visit