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By Charlie Greenfield on 5/13/2020 8:47 AM

C&G Wrestling Podcast: Larger Than Life Characters Series Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan  

Thank you for Pwinsider for posting our podcast. We have 1 new episode loaded looking Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryans Career, take a listen

C&G Wrestling Podcast: Larger Than Life Characters Hulk Hogan:

C&G Wrestling Podcast: Larger Than Life Characters Daniel Bryan:

Information about our podcast:

This is a wrestling podcast dedicated to talking about the world of professional wrestling. We go into detail talking about top wrestling stars from the passed, present and future. Me (Charlie Greenfield) and Graeme Dolphin are wrestling fans from a time when it was cool in the 1990's and early 2000's. We look back at the history of what top wrestlers stood out in the business and talk about our opinions. There is some banter and there a good chance we've got the some of the wrestling history wrong. But who cares, it a fun podcast and a good listen for any wrestling fan. This current series looks at the ‘Larger than Life Characters’ of wrestling going into details about there wrestling careers and what they meant to business. A fun listen!’