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By Mike Johnson on 6/14/2020 7:06 AM

CWE 6/12 Patient Zero, Winnipeg, MB Results Ft New Champion Crowned!

What a wild night and kick off to the rebirth of Canadian Wrestling's Elite post pandemic as CWE presented "Patient Zero" last night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the first live pro wrestling event to take place in front of an audience in the entire since the pandemic began.

The stars of CWE wasted no time picking up right where they left off in front a of a sold out limited capacity crowd Rookie's Sports Bar!

1) A plan between "The Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez & "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle seemingly back fired resulting in rookie Chad Daniels scoring his first career win over 2x CWE Champion AJ Sanchez in a huge upset to kick off the night. After the match a shouting match between the 2x CWE Tag Team Champions looked like it would come to blows before Sanchez walked out on O'Doyle to great disbelief from everyone in attendance.

2) HIW Grand Champion "The Headline" Shaun Martens was taken to the limit by CWE newcomer Adrien Burton but was able to pull off a pin fall victory to retain his championship.

3) The Degenerates being represented by "Misfit" Mike Mission and Tyler James were declared the winners by disqualification against 4x CWE Champion "Hotshot" Danny Duggan & CWE Icon "The Zombie Killer" MENTALLO when the referee disqualified Duggan for assaulting Mission & James with a street. However, the referee who had been knocked to the ground a moment prior didn't Mission assault MENTALLO with the street sign first and MENTALLO didn't see the culprit either and believed it to be Duggan much like the referee which resulted in a post match scuffle between MENTALLO and Duggan with Duggan retreating and throwing a chair across the bar in anger for the blame being misplaced on him.

4) "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon made his way to the ring to inform fans they were getting a very special bonus attraction match tonight as in his quest to rid Winnipeg wrestling of the previous generation he had personally hand picked one of the biggest stars in the history of Winnipeg wrestling to not only treat the fans to a big match but dispose of another legend once and for all. It turned out the hand picked opponent was former River City Wrestling enhancement talent The Boogeyman. Cannon seemed to be having a walk in the park with his hand picked opponent before being hit with a flurry of offense and being pinned clean in the middle of the ring. The Boogeyman unmasked after the bell to reveal Johnny Malibu getting one up on Cannon who made it very clear Malibu was not who he had hired for the match and he had been unfairly framed.

5) "The Main Vein" Dick Blood was welcomed back to the "House That Dick Built" with a heroes welcome and defeated Dragneel of The Degenerates. The celebration would be short lived as Mike Mission and Tyler James made their presence known very quickly as the trio assaulted Dick for the second time in 2 weeks and left him laying as Dragneel hit a flying knee to Dick, knocking him out cold. 

6) The troubles between AJ Sanchez and Kevin O'Doyle continued as AJ Sanchez's failed attempt to assist Kevin O'Doyle in his singles contest with 2020 King Of Transcona Johnny Malibu backfired which allowed Malibu to score a pin fall victory over the super heavyweight. After the match the partners got confrontational again before putting their differences aside to further assault Malibu as Kevin Cannon made his way to the ring. Cannon cited that Sanchez and O'Doyle may not be a part of The Cannon Corporation and their previous transaction didn't go as planned in the tag tournament but they do share common enemies in the likes of Johnny Malibu and former Corporation members Rob Stardom and Bobby Collins who hold their CWE Tag Team Championships. Kevin Cannon paid both men a retainer to acquire their short term services we wouldn't learn about until later. Following the pay off Sanchez and O'Doyle fed Malibu to Cannon who laid Malibu out with The Stroke.

7) In a women's wrestling attraction match Winnipeg's own Kat Von Heez made a rare hometown appearance and pinned "The Masterpiece Of The East" Alix Zwicker in the hardest hitting bout of the evening.

8) In what was a rollercoaster of a main event and a front runner for 2020 Match Of The Year, CWE Tag Team Champion "Canadian Strong Style" Rob Stardom pinned CWE Hardcore Champion "Big" Bobby Schink w/"The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon to win the Hardcore Championship and become one of only a handful of double champions in CWE history. This brutal match looked to be going in Stardom's favor until Kevin Cannon took advantage of the No Disqualification nature of the match for a 2 on 1 assault on Stardom. Stardom overcame the 2 on 1 odds and disposed of Cannon and looked to have Schink pinned again before the insurance policy bought not even a hour before in AJ Sanchez and Kevin O'Doyle entered the fray for what was now a 4 on 1 all out assault on Stardom. Stardom wouldn't stay down and when it looked like he would be put away, he got an assist from an old friend who shared a grudge in Johnny Malibu! Malibu pulled Cannon out of the ring and laid him out with a super kick and hopped on the apron. Bobby Schink who was lining up a big boot on Stardom who was being held by Sanchez and O'Doyle redirected it toward Malibu who moved which resulted in Schink being nutted on the top rope! Malibu looking for revenge on Sanchez and O'Doyle entered the ring and ducked a double clotheslne only to be powered to the ground by a double shoulder tackle by the former tag team champions. This was just the amount of time Stardom needed who hit both Sanchez and O'Doyle between the legs to render them useless. Unfortunately Stardom was met by a big Schink boot but still kicked out! Schink attempted a choke slam which Stardom countered with a huge European upper cut followed by a knockout punch on Cannon who was getting up on the apron and a brain buster on Schink followed by the Stardom Stretch for the submission win!

Canadian Wrestling's Elite is back in action and returns to Rookie's Sports Bar on Friday, July 10th with one of the most popular yearly traditions, where YOU the fans make the matches, the 2020 Lethal Lottery!

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