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By Mike Johnson on 7/14/2020 12:07 PM
The Ohio Athletic Commission met today to discuss combat sports moving forward in Ohio and upheld their decision from last month that events will not be permitted at this time. They are awaiting guidance from the Ohio Department of Health as they determine what the protocols will be for other sports specifically high school football and if those sports will happen before there is any movement forward for pro wrestling in Ohio.  We specifically asked about doing an event with no fans in attendance that we could stream and they denied that request as they feel the competitors would be at risk.

Unfortunately it seems we are going to be forced to make some tough decisions in the coming weeks as it would appear AIW events are not returning any time soon in the state of Ohio. We are going to continue to try to raise money through merchandise sales and our patreon to keep the company alive and operational. It is our hope we can make minimal adjustments and continue to weather the storm as this continues, we did not anticipate 6+ months of no events and very little income coming in so we will be evaluating all aspects of our business to see where we can save some money.

I will not get into the specific details of of our monthly expenses but they do exist and we have been burning through our “rainy day” fund that we built up over the years these last 6 months and things are starting to get dire. If you would like any of the merchandise listed below please respond to this email.

With that said we have not spent any of your money from tickets purchased if you did not request a refund for any of our postponed events and that is still available for those who would like their money back.  You can request your refund through Eventbrite and it will be processed this week.

This is a very difficult email to write to all of you and I do not want you to think I am giving up  I just like to be as transparent as possible with everyone and this situation continues to be discouraging as the months go on. We are still trying to find ways to hold the events that are currently postponed and will be exploring possibilities over these next few weeks on how and if we can resume AIW.
Thank you as always,
John Thorne

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