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By Mike Johnson on 9/4/2020 10:00 AM

9/5- CWE 9/4 Winnipeg, MB Labor Day Weekend Wrestling Classic Results.

Canadian Wrestling's Elite kicked off The Labor Day Weekend with another sold out event at Rookie's Sports Bar in Winnipeg, Manitoba and here is what took place!

1) "Misfit" Mike Mission of The Degenerates defeated "The Main Vein" Dick Blood representing The Army Of Dick by disqualification after Blood intercepted a chair Mission tried hitting him with and hit Mission with it in front of the referee. The Degenerates took a 1-0 lead in The Best Of 3 Team Challenge Series.

2) Sammy Peppers was victorious over Roy Cheeks of The Cannon Corporation. "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon accompanied Cheeks to ringside but left before the match began citing bigger business had to be taken care of. After the match Sammy Peppers offered his hand of respect for Cheeks effort by The Cannon Corporation returned to ringside and disallowed Cheeks to shake hands and scolded him for thinking about it.

3) In arguably the most shocking moment to take place since CWE returned to live action at Rookie's Sports Bar, "Tasty" Travis Cole returned to CWE in Winnipeg and upset the 2020 Lethal Lottery Winner "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle by pin fall. Prior to the match O'Doyle explained his scheduled opponent Wildman Firpo was too intoxicated to compete against him as he was so scared to wrestle O'Doyle he had been binge drinking all day. O'Doyle issued an open challenge which was answered by Cole. After the match the celebration was short lived as O'Doyle took out his frustrations of losing by laying Cole out with Boston's Strongest Slam.

4) The Cannon Corporation, represented by HIW Grand Champion "The Headline" Shaun Martens & "Big" Bobby Schink w/"The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon defeated the team of CWE Tag Team Champion & CWE Hardcore Champion "Canadian Strong Style" Rob Stardom & 2020 King Of Transcona "Limited Edition" Johnny Malibu when Martens pinned Malibu. Prior to the match ending Kevin O'Doyle baited Rob Stardom from ringside and fought with him to the locker room which left Malbu as prey in a handicap match situation. Malibu put up a valiant effort before the disadvantage became too hard to overcome. 

5) "The Cheetahbear" Jude Dawkins representing The Army Of Dick pinned Dragneel of The Degenerates tying The Best of 3 Team Challenge Series one a piece.

6) The team of "The Diamond In The Rough" Cory Diamond and "The Masterpiece Of The East" Alix Zwicker were declared the winners by disqualification in an intergender tag team match against "Hotshot" Danny Duggan & Kat Von Heez when Duggan hit Zwicker with a Cruel Summer on top of her head, knocking her out cold, which was against the rules of disallowing physical contact between opposite genders. Zwicker had to be helped to the back by CWE officials.

7) Adrien Burton of The Army Of Dick overcame the odds against Tyler James of The Degenerates that saw Burton outnumbered 3 to 1 with his partners and the referee all knocked down to win the third and deciding match of The Best Of 3 Team Challenge Series to give The Army Of Dick the victory. After the match, Dick Blood announced that with The Army Of Dick winning the Team Challenge Series that the match stipulation they chose for their six man tag team match on October 2nd at Spin The Wheel Make The Deal at Rookie's Sports Bar would be a Fan's Bring The Weapons Match!

8) Canadian Wrestling Legend EZ Ryder was victorious by disqualification against "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon. Ryder appeared to have Cannon close to submission in The Boston Crab when he was gang piled by Martens, Schink, and Cheeks of The Cannon Corporation. Johnny Malibu hit the ring and nailed all four Corporation members with a billy club. Malibu vented his frustrations with The Cannon Corporation trying to end his comeback and harm his way of life and demanded a match with Cannon and Martens. After some back and forth between Malibu and Cannon it was agreed Malibu would get his match IF The Cannon Corporation got to choose Malibu's partner. Malibu fueled by blindrage agreed as a means to an end to get his tag team match. Cannon said Malibu would get his match at a future date but needed time to decide on the perfect partner.

9) "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy defeated the debuting Bryce Bentley in a match Chevy demanded was contested under No Disqualifications as a means to test the will of the youngster

10) Chad Daniels caught lightning in a bottle twice and pinned "The Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez. Prior to Daniels countering Sanchez's powerbomb with a sunset flip for the victory, Kevin O'Doyle tried to assist Sanchez who refused the advance. After the match the two partners got into an argument that resulted in Rob Stardom explaining he was tired of their anticis, the fans were tired of their antics, and it appeared they were tired of each other's antics so a challenge was made for Spin The Wheel Make The Deal. It appears there has been a counter offer made to the challenge Stardom made after the event concluded that will up the ante. Details are being ironed out as we speak and an announcement will be made when/if finalized

CWE returns to Rookie's Sports Bar on Friday, October 2nd with Spin The Wheel Make The Deal where YOU the fans help decide the stipulation of each match as it is about to begin by spinning the wheel of different matches of competition

The Labor Day Weekend Wrestling Classic finishes up TONIGHT in Flin Flon, Manitoba!  

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