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By Mike Johnson on 11/13/2020 7:38 AM

AAW:  ALIVE (III) Results

Date:  Thursday November 12, 2020

Location:  115 Bourbon Street Merrionette Park, IL

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Pre-Show:  Xavier Walker defeated Cole Karter after a chokeslam (3:52)

Pre-Show:  Jason Page defeated Sam Beale after "the Vertigo" (4:43)

Main show:

1) Ace Perry defeated Brayden Lee after the athletic Lee missed a top rope maneuver and Perry grabbed a handful of tights for the tainted win.(4:54)
Post Match Video - Ace Perry:  

2) Myron Reed defeated Tre Lamar after the Capp'n Crunch in a fun singles match (10:41)
Post Match Video - Myron Reed:  

3) Christi Jaynes & Skye Blue defeated Hyan (with Stephen Wolf) & Sierra when Skye pinned Sierra (6:26)
Post Match Video - Skye Blue & Christi Jaynes:  

4) Fred Yehi defeated Jake Something after interferrence from Karam allowed Hakim Zane to hit Jake Something with a high knee, and allowed Fred to hit a polish hammer for the win.  Great match.  (14:31)
Post Match Video - Fred Yehi:  

5) AAW Tag Team Title Match - 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match:  Ace Austin & Madman Fulton defeated Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett).  Besties won the first fall quickly when Vega made Austin tap to a sharpshooter.  The tag champs came back using the Fold double team to win the second fall.  The final fall saw Fulton put Vega into a Boston Crab, Vega was trying to grab the rope and get the attention of his partner Fitchett who was on the outside.  However Fitchett was being restrained by Austin who was holding his leg.  Vega taps to give the win to the champions.  (13:55 - Second Defense)

Post Match Video - Ace Austin & Madman Fulton: 

6) Karam defeated Gyasi after a huge sit down spinebuster (6:40)

Post Match Video - "The Muscle" Karam:  

7) Stephen Wolf (with Hyan) defeated Trey Miguel after a low blow and the Treaty Breaker (10:23)

Post Match Video - Stephen Wolf:  

8) Bear Country defeated Ace Romero & Larry D after the Elevator Drop on Larry D.  An impressive HOSS FIGHT. (15:21)

Post Match Video - Bear Country: 

9) AAW Heavyweight Championship Match:  Mance Warner defeated AAW Heritage Champion Hakim Zane to retain.  The story of the match was Zane controlling the match and playing mind games on Warner, but Zane unable to keep Mance down for the pin.  The end of the match saw Zane run out of options and yell for his Muscle Karam to interfere but Karam was stopped by Jake Something who was seething after Karam/Zane's interference earlier in the evening.  Mancer hit Zane with the knee for the win.  Afterward, Something eyed Warner and his belt and the two were separated by AAW referees and security. 

Post Match Video - Mance Warner:

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