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By Oliver Taylor on 11/28/2020 3:52 PM

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship president David Feldman believes Mike Tyson competing in a bare-knuckle fight would double or quadruple the interest of tonight’s Roy Jones Jr. exhibition bout, he revealed in an interview with MMA Fighting today.

Feldman made a guaranteed $20 million offer to Tyson in May to compete against any member of BKFC’s roster but he rejected the offer. Wanderlei Silva said at the time he accepted a $10 million offer to fight Tyson.

However, Feldman still has interest in bringing Tyson to BKFC. “It’s just good for us to know we’re thinking the right way and thinking of things that are going to be outside the box,” he said.

“Here’s the thing, how many people are going to watch this fight? Everybody.

“Now just imagine, this is a quote-unquote sparring session. Not really a sparring session but let’s call it that cause that’s what they’re billing it as. Now imagine if he was to fight not a boxer but an MMA fighter in a bare-knuckle fight.

“It would double or quadruple the interest in this thing. So maybe something can happen after this fight. Who knows. Let’s see what Mike Tyson looks like on Saturday night. Let’s see how Roy Jones looks because who knows what could happen but I’m definitely going to be a very, very interested spectator.”

Tyson’s exhibition bout against Jones Jr. tonight will be his first fight since 2005. He lost to Kevin McBride by stoppage in the sixth round.

Jones Jr. has also expressed interest in facing Anderson Silva in a boxing match, but BKFC publicly ruled out signing Silva following his Ultimate Fighting Championship release which makes the fight unlikely to happen under bare-knuckle rules.

Feldman’s full interview on MMA Fighting can be viewed here.