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By Mike Johnson on 4/28/2021 3:03 PM

Space 11 Andrea Iervolino Reveals "Galactic Combat" Reality Series; Boundary-Breaking Zero Gravity Fight Competition Beyond Earth's Atmosphere

LOS ANGELES, April 28, 2021  -- Reality TV in zero gravity is coming in the form of a sports competition series from the recently launched Space 11 and Andréa Iervolino. "Galactic Combat" is a new format introducing "MMA-ZERO G" fighting.

The series will follow fighters through a 12 month competition for the opportunity to be the first combatants to fight beyond Earth's atmosphere. Details were revealed today by Space 11 founder, Andrea Iervolino.


The competition kicks off with 40 fighters from around the world training and learning to fight in the absence of gravity with programs and conditioning mirroring programs used in astronaut training.

32 of the combatants will be eliminated during the training process, allowing for only eight to compete in the main MMA-ZERO G competition.

The final two fighters left will go into space for the final event – a fight beyond our atmosphere. The dramatic and intense series finale will see two combatants fight aboard a custom retrofitted rocket (shuttle) as it orbits earth for 90 minutes, which is time it takes a rocket to circle the earth. Inside the rocket will exist a specially designed fighting capsule.

The entire run of the series is 12 months, from initial training to the final earth orbiting fight. In that span there will be 24 hour-long episodes and 12 bonus episodes streaming for fans who want to follow the training sessions spread over the duration.

Former MMA fighter John Lewis will serve as VP and Promoter of MMA-ZERO G.  Lewis is represented by Melissa Hirschenson at Innovative Artists.

Said Andrea Iervolino, "The sheer spectacle of combat in a zero gravity environment will make for a 'can't miss' viewing experience that will be truly groundbreaking, and represents what Space 11 is designed to deliver to audiences eager to see limits pushed. A format that requires the most unique training and delivers the most exciting new sports competition will serve fans well. And of course we are fully commitment to the tested technologies and scientific data that we know will provide the safest experience throughout the process."

About Space 11

SPACE 11 is a company specifically dedicated to servicing film and TV projects in outer space. Iervolino Entertainment S.p.A. is the global film & television production company founded by producer Andrea Iervolino that last week formalized a partnership to support Space 11.

SPACE 11 was born from an idea by founder Andrea Iervolino to move entertainment beyond earth's borders, similar to companies designing accommodation and recreational facilities for outer space.

One of a kind and revolutionary, the mission of SPACE 11 is to create film, television and web content, as well as live events (concerts, sports competitions, etc.) that will be filmed in outer space. SPACE 11 will be the first company dedicated fully to the development of entertainment formats and events in zero gravity.

Iervolino has already begun enlisting top collaborators, including the sector's leading engineers, astrophysicists, astronomers, technicians and related experts who will systematically study all the means and methods required for the realization of the company's mission -  one entirely focused on creating something mind-blowing and unique at the global level.

Space 11 has an Advisory Board that includes former employees of Elon Musk's Space-X, as well as the International Center for Astronomical Sciences GAL Hassin in Sicily.