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By Mike Johnson on 9/7/2021 7:14 AM

“Wrestling legend Gangrel, David Heath, moves into head trainer position for the CCW Training Facility and Coastal Championship Wrestling.”

August 23rd, 2021 – Enter the Vampire Warrior.  With thirty-five years of professional wrestling experience around the globe, notably with World Wrestling Entertainment as the leader of the wildly popular “The Brood,” and consistent appearances nationwide for regional and national companies “Gangrel” David Heath has accepted a full-time position at Coastal Championship Wrestling as the Leader of The CCW Training Facility.

Wrestling since 1987, and training since 1994, Heath has held trainer positions at schools for Afa “The Wild Samoans,” Dean Malenko, as well as starting his own training facility partnering with Rikishi Fatu, Knokxs Pro, in Van Nuys, California where he was instrumental in training All Elite Wrestling’s Miro, MLW’s Jacob Fatu, and many more emerging stars. 

In 2017, Heath started his own training facility and promotion in South Florida, Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum. 

Heath now brings his years of practical knowledge and real-life experience to CCW.  

Gangrel gives credit to his training processes to his trainers, the late Boris Malenko, The Hart Family Dungeon, Afa “The Wild Samoans,” and Rusty Brooks.

“We are so excited to be working with Dave, he’s an incredible wealth of knowledge.  We have so many young wrestlers excited to start their journey with us, and someone who’s been to the top and consistently worked on television is exactly who we needed.  We are ecstatic to have him.” Dan Ackerman, founder, and co-owner of Coastal Championship Wrestling.


Gangrel David Heath can be heard weekly on his hit podcast “Fangin N Bangin with Gangrel!” available on all platforms, his merchandise can be found on his website

The CCW Training Facility and Coastal Championship Wrestling, for almost eighteen years, has been one of the premiere wrestling companies and training facilities in the world.  Founded in 2004, we are “The Last Territory.  With multiple shows a month and a weekly episodic web show “Alive Wrestling.”

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