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By Kendall Jenkins on 10/22/2021 9:52 AM

Conor McGregor super-fight shut down by GSP ahead of court case: He needs  to do this first | UFC | Sport |

Mixed martial arts (MMA) are a high-intensity, full-contact combat sport that draws on techniques from a wide variety of combat sports and martial arts traditions. It utilises a combination of striking, grappling, and ground combat techniques to achieve its goals. Some people call it cage fighting, while others call it ultimate fighting.

MMA fights that are extensively promoted can garner as much media attention as big athletic events like football and cricket indicating that the sport is growing in popularity among sports enthusiasts, don't get me wrong, this sport is already massive but there are more people growing an interest into the sport because it's so thrilling and entertaining to watch. 

Beating MMA odds looks easy because of the vast range of possible outcomes and the numerous betting options available inside each battle. Betting on MMA has a lot more variables than boxing because of the combat sports element. Are you looking for online bookmakers to put your wagers on, well... now it's the perfect time because since the gambling laws are being relaxed in certain areas of the world, especially in Massachusetts, you can sign up to a wide range of online gaming casinos and start placing bets in the chance of winning money, you can view the best online platforms as well as exploring all the information that is available here

Furthermore, in this article we explore the three most historical and iconic MMA fighters that have entered the ring, 

Georges St-Pierre - One of the greatest welterweight fighters of all time is Georges "Rush" St-Pierre. The 12-time champion Canadian is no stranger to victory in championship defences.

Famous fighters including as Matt Hughes, Nick Diaz, and Carlos Condit have fallen to Georges St-Pierre. Longtime world welterweight champion, this Canadian fighter has the most championship victories as well as the second-longest overall title winning streak. He retired in February 2019 with a record of 26 wins and 2 defeats. His only two losses were at the hands of Matt Hughes in 2004 and Matt Serra two years later in 2007.

Connor McGregor - Conor McGregor is a well-known trash-talker on social media and in real life, despite his antics, Conor McGregor is an excellent boxer and in the history of MMA Connor has one of the finest left hands in the history of the sport.

Most people remember McGregor for his 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo in their UFC title match, which established a record for the quickest ever.