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By Shining Wizards Podcast on 10/23/2021 11:48 AM

Recently, the Shining Wizards spoke with Kerry Morton. Here are some of the highlights:

On the late Tracy Smothers:  I grew up in this business, with my father, traveling the roads, meeting all these people.  I’ve known Tracy forever.  Every time I’d see Tracy at a wrestling show, he used to bring luchador masks with him.  He would sell them at his gimmick table and would give me one at every show.  At the end of the show, I’d have Tracy sign them.  So, I have ten to twenty masks of just Tracy Smothers.  Tracy would give me the mask and I would wear it around the building for other kids to see them and go buy another mask.  That’s how Tracy Smothers is. You’re in the business to make the money and that’s what he was kind of all about.  Advertisement as well.  So, I’d get all these masks and all these posters from Tracy, and DVDs.  And now I get to honor him in a tournament (The Wild Eyed Memorial Invitational Tournament). I hope and am praying that this is going to be as I expect.  If so, we’re in for a hell of a ball game.

On teaming with his father, Ricky Morton:  It’s so cool.  Not only do I get to share the ring with my dad, but I get to share the ring with my best friend.  That’s something that means the world to me.  We’re traveling all the time here recently.  Soon, we’re going to Maine to wrestle.  So, I get to knock off these companies I want to wrestle for, and I get to do it with my dad.  I got to wrestle for companies such Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), FLIP Wrestling, which is a huge promotion out of Florida.  A couple companies with some major lineage.  I’ve also been to Texas with him (Ricky).  A couple companies - and I can’t really say much right now, but companies that have lots of lineage with The Rock N’ Roll Express - I can kind of get a foot in the door there.  Maybe I’ll let you guys put your own interpretation for that.  I am so blessed, and I think that word is very… people kind of use that word to an extent, but I really, truly am blessed that I get to do this with my dad.  I learn so much.  Whether I mess up, or do something right, I’m learning and I’m picking up from it.  And I get to get in the ring with not only my dad, but all these other wrestling legends that are trusting me to work with them.  I got to be in the ring with The Barbarian, George South, and even current superstars like Enzo Amore and Big Cass.  I’m in the ring with all these guys because of what my father has done and who he’s trained.  It’s really cool to step in the ring with all these guys and learn and pick up something every time.

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