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By Kendall Jenkins on 12/15/2021 9:01 AM

 UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov tops rating of Russia's most successful stars  — Forbes - Society & Culture - TASS

Every so often, in every sport, along will come a person who simply changes the meaning of the sport and crushes all opposition, such is their excellence. It happened in football with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and while they are still amazing today, for a time in football, they were simply the best the game has ever seen. The same looks to be happening at the moment in boxing with Tyson Fury, who is looking to be an unstoppable force of nature right now. Those who have are into UFC will know that the same happened in their sport too, and for a period, there was one warrior who simply ruled UFC.

This person is, of course, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and while his name might be difficult to pronounce, his excellency in UFC is clear. Although the Russian retired this year, he boasts an impressive record that shames most other UFC fighters. In fact, impressive might be an understatement considering that Khabib has never lost a single amateur or professional fight in his life. For a sport as competitive and as brutal as UFC, this is not just an impressive record, it is an amazing one and Khabib will likely be remembered as one of the greats of the sport who managed to overturn every single obstacle that was placed in his way. But how was this possible?

Many have analysed Khabib’s game to try and understand why he is so good. The casual fans who watch the sport will say that it is because of his wrestling ability that makes him a formidable opponent. This would indeed seem to be the case, as many of his victories have come from his opponents submitting defeat after he has held them in an iron-like grasp for too long. When one considers the competition that he faced in the UFC too, it might be clear to see why Khabib’s style was so effective. While UFC has been characterised by kicks, punches, and every other kind of strike, Khabib stands clear by relying on his grappling, takedowns, and overall wrestling ability to win his fights. 

For opponents that are not used to this given the context of their previous fights in UFC, this is hard to beat. Even after Khabib’s game became clear to all – those opponents who had time to prepare for him still failed to beat him, which just goes to show how good the Russian man is at what he does. In fact, it might be suitable to call him the best. 

There is no doubt that UFC is still one of the greatest, most existing sports in the world. It also has a rich betting scene, though those who have had enough of placing bets might appreciate online gambling as an alternative. When searching you can find options like these online and more and they can prove to be a great way to win money other than predicting who will win a fight. After the departure of Khabib Nurmagomedov though, it is clear that the sport has suffered just a little bit.