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By Kendall Jenkins on 12/16/2021 6:46 AM

The premiere organisation in wrestling hasn’t ever been short of talent, and it seems when one star is ready to step out of the limelight there are two more just as charismatic stars willing to step in – they have helped the WWE maintain its standing at the top and have led to the growth of alternative markets like betting too with more information about sports betting on with wrestling in mind. But over the years, which stars have had the most impact and are still huge names to this day?

Ric Flair – Wooooo! It’d be impossible to keep Flair off this list particularly when he’s having such a hard time holding his gators down, but funny speeches aside, many older fans of wrestling grew up watching Ric Flair and he has continued to be an exciting influence for younger fans too who choose to watch back older broadcasts – some consider Flair to be the greatest wrestler and entertainer in the ring of all time, and as a manager still has some influence in the wrestling game to ensure all that talent isn’t going to waste. 

The Undertaker – Having entered the ring for the WWE back in 1987 and only retiring as recently as 2020, the Undertaker has had some incredible story arcs throughout his long and storied career whilst also being reinvented a few times too. Another considered to be one of the GOATs of the sport, it’s unlikely that another wrestler will have quite the same impact for some time to come – Mark Calaway, the Undertakers given name, now hosts a podcast that goes through some of the ins and outs of wrestling and explores the good and the bad showing some influence still existing in the world of wrestling too.

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Steve Austin – Alongside The Rock, Steve Austin had gained a huge number of accolades throughout his career from the late 80s to the early 2000’s, he has been extremely influential and was able to take that influence through to other opportunities including Hollywood stardom and TV fame too with a number of shows and similar opportunities too. Austin was perhaps the first to open the door for other big stars when it comes to podcasting too with his own podcast that also focuses on different parts of the industry, having invited many big guests to the show throughout the years too. 

There have been so many big stars throughout the years, it’s not possible to list the impact they’ve all had on different audiences, and certainly many more to follow even with the tough times that the organisation is going through right now.