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By Mike Johnson on 9/19/2022 7:23 AM

MCW Pro Wrestling Event Results

Friday September 16, 2022

MCW Ladies Night

RJ Meyer Arena

1000 Joppa Farm Road

Joppa, MD 21085



Match #1

Triple Threat Match

Kilynn King defeated Katie Arquette & Zoey Skye



Match #2

Tag Team Match

Amber Rodriguez & Adena Steele defeated Zayda Steel & Portia



Match #3

Trish Adora defeated Dani Mo



Match #4

Ray Lyn defeated Queen Aminata



Match #5

Vicious Vicki defeated Gabby Ortiz



Match #6

Kelsey Raegan defeated. Brittany Blake



Match #7

**MCW Women's Championship Match**

** 4 Corners Match**

Mandy Leon defeated Gia Scott, Leila Grey & Melina to win the MCW Women's Title



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