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By Mike Johnson on 2/16/2023 1:30 PM


CCW Presents: Conquer Kissimmee 8


Venue: Sun on the Beach in Kissimmee, FL

Ring Announcer: Chad Green

Commentary: Trevin Adams and Fonzie


CCW Presents: Conquer Kissimmee 8

Anthony Catena and Terry Kid defeats Better Together – 8:12 minutes

Scramble Match:

The Bus Big English defeats Daisy Kill, Chris Farrow, King Atlas, Rico de la Vega – 9:43 minutes

BRCW Heavyweight Title:

Jack Talos © defeats Ben Ruten  – 5:33 minutes

CCW SEC Title:

Meto defeats Jake St. Patrick – 10:21 minutes

CCW Women’s Title:

Marina Tucker © defeats Harley Cameron – 10:12 min

Ariel Dominguez defeats Eddie Taurus via disqualification – 12:59 min

CCW Tag Titles:

The Qrown defeats Church Party w/ Bunny Moore – 10:43 min

Martin Stone defeats Curt Stallion -  15:55 min

NWA Women’s Title

Kamille © defeats Valentina Rossi vs. Kamille – 12:31 min

CCW International Title:

Beastman w/ Lew Spectre and Blake Trooop defeats Cha Cha Charlie  – 15:11 min


CCW Presents: Luchamania III

February 11th, 2023

Ring Announcer: Sean Bossman

Venue: Redcon1 Gym in Nashville, TN

Attendance: 401


CCW Presents: Luchamania III

Trip Gordy defeats Trevor Blackwell – 8:12 min

Country Air defeats Steez and Qrow – 13:55 min

Lakay defeats Brandon Wolfe – 10:01 min

Chase Stevens and Jackal Stevens w/ Shawn Madej defeats Toby Farley and Luke Sampson w/ Lew Spector – 15:21 min

Damien Wayne defeats Hunter Knott – 12:12 min

CCW International Championship Match

Beastman w/ Lew Spector defeats Ozzy Kilmeister – 8:01 min

Freya the Slaya defeats Ashley D’Amboise – 12:48 min

CCW Heavyweight Championship Match

Ariel Levy defeats Vinicious w/ Bill Alfonso via disqualification – 15 min