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By Timothy Jones on 3/7/2023 9:41 AM

Join us for an enriching evening of diversity leaders sharing their incredible stories of hope, healing, and action.

Colorful Voices and Hush No More are thrilled to announce “Hope Healing in Action: A Dynamic Speaker Series and Awards Program.”  This speaker series will be the first of many of its kind, all with the intention to uplift our community by highlighting the voices of those who have a meaningful, empowering message to share. The event is intended to particularly uplift, among others, our incredible women of color who are shaping the business landscape with their entrepreneurship and dedication to positive change. 

Hope Healing in Action will take place on March 27th, 2023 between 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, all within the historic August Wilson African American Cultural Center. The event features a lineup of dynamic speakers who will inspire attendees to take action, overcome obstacles, and achieve both their professional and personal goals for betterment and success.

 Instead of taking note of what divides us, what weakens us, and what holds us back, we will instead highlight the resilience and strength that it takes to overcome those things both on an individual level and as a community.

The event will feature a special appearance by CWO 5(ret) Mr. Phillip Brashear, a renowned speaker and advocate for strong community leadership and resilience in the face of hardship. Mr. Brashear's inspiring story of perseverance and dedication to service has made him a powerful figurehead in the military and beyond. In addition to his own story, Brashear finds it of the utmost importance to highlight his father Master Driver Master Chief Carl Brashear. 

“As long as I have breath in my body, I want to ensure my father remains a legend and never becomes a myth,” said Brashear in regard to continuing his father’s legendary legacy.

In addition to Phillip Brashear, MSW Councilwoman and veteran Anette Nance will share with guests the knowledge she has gained across her lengthy and admirable professional career. Her expertise in strategic planning and community outreach will help to enrich those in attendance and shape the way that they perceive truly leffective community engagement.

“Hope Healing in Action is our introduction to Pittsburgh and the country. With support it is possible to embark on your healing journey from the impact of crime and its effects." said Timothy M. Jones, Founder of Colorful Voices.

The event is open to the public, and tickets are available now on the Cultural District website for $50 per person. You can also visit the Cultural District website for additional information about the event. You won’t want to miss it, because this is truly the beginning of something beautiful.

About Colorful Voices

Colorful Voices is a LGBTQ, African American, Services Disabled Veteran entity headquarter in Pittsburgh, PA. Colorful Voices seeks to inspire hope through empowering healing in action. We collaborate with stakeholders to reimagine, research and develop ready and resiliency, bystander intervention, sexual assault, sexual harrasment and rape prevention trainings. Through our Hope Healing in Action Speaker Series, we aim to elevate community healing. Learn more about us at

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