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By Mike Johnson on 7/15/2023 12:49 PM

Tri-State Wrestling presents DO OR DIE

July 8, 2023- Fitton Center - Hamilton, Ohio

Attendance: 130

Match 1: Tyler Lee Deputy defeated “Pretty Boy” Sam Aljahmi via pinfall

It was a back-and-forth contest to kick off the action, with Tyler Lee Deputy avoiding an Aljahmi attack in the corner before rolling him up for a pin in the Deputy’s TSW debut.

Match 2: GPA & Laynie Luck defeated Brian Pillman Jr. & Arie Alexander via pinfall

This intergender battle pitted the returning hometown star Pillman and his girlfriend Alexander against a couple with plenty of experience in tag action together in GPA and Luck. Throughout the match, GPA seemed to avoid Pillman whenever possible. After GPA and Luck had worked on Alexander for much of the contest, Pillman finally was able to tag in and make a comeback, narrowly missing a pin multiples times. But after GPA speared Arie to the mat, an angry Pillman chased him out of the ring, allowing Luck to pin Alexander for the win.

Match 3: Jake Crist defeated Vinny Pacifico via submission

Crist, the current Wrestling Revolver Champion, was accompanied to the ring by Bobby Olsen and Justin “Pac Man” Xavier, who has been taken under the wing of the veteran grappler as of late. Making his TSW debut, the East Coast star Pacifico stood toe to toe but Crist was able to emerge victorious after locking in a Sharpshooter.

Match 4: Matt Diesel defeated Storm Grayson and Eli Isom in a Triple Threat match via pinfall

This match was the show-stealer of the night, with all three competitors pulling out some of their best moves to try and get a win. Action went from inside the ring to the outside and even into the seats as each man came close to a victory. Late in the match, Grayson and Isom exchanged a flurry of punches and uppercuts before Grayson appeared to hit the winning move with a Blue Thunder bomb. But just as he pinned Isom to the mat, Diesel came swooping in with a swanton bomb off the top rope onto both men and then pinned Grayson for the victory.

Match 5: Blake “Money” Wright defeated Hunter Holdcraft via pinfall

Wright, the self-proclaimed top draft pick in wrestling, tried to out-wrestle Holdcraft early, but the former collegiate grappler outshined him. Instead, Wright took control with a cheap shot and despite a late comeback from the young Holdcraft, “Money” was able to pick up his first TSW win.

 Match 6: “The Perminator” Sam Beale defeated “Handsome” Nick Hamrick via pinfall

Hamrick was making his TSW debut here, using the aid of his manager A. Dick Vickers to gain some control over Beale. But the fan favorite Perminator was not to be denied and picked up another big singles win to keep his hot run going.

Match 7: The Premier (Campbell Myers & SK Bishop defeated The Saint Brothers (Chase & Corey) via pinfall

Both teams were making their TSW debuts in this one, with The Premier quickly drawing the ire of the Hamilton fans. The Saint Brothers worked some unorthodox offense to try and gain an edge, but the more experienced and polished team of Myers and Bishop proved to be too much in the end.

Match 8: Myron Reed defeated VsK via pinfall to become the NEW Tri-State Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

TSW officials had billed this as Reed’s “last chance” to win the title from VsK, and both men were on a mission to leave as champion at the end of the day. VsK, TSW’s inaugural champion for more than 250 days, tried everything to keep the high-flying Reed grounded and put him away. But the multi-time MLW Middleweight Champion was undaunted, wowing the crowd with move after move and using everything in his arsenal. In the end, the “Young GOAT” was able to hit his springboard cutter off the top to finally earn the three count over VsK and the title.


After the match, as Reed celebrated his win, an angry VsK attacked him from behind. As the former champ took out his frustrations on the new title holder, Tre’ Lamar emerged from the back and slid into the ring, causing VsK to scurry away. Lamar helped Reed to his feet and joined the official in saluting Myron as the victor. However, Tre’s helpful act soon proved to be a ruse, as he laid Reed out in the ring with a shot from his backpack. The stunned crowd watched as Lamar opened his backpack and pulled out the poker chip he won at Ante Up in June, which earned him a TSW Heavyweight Title match at any time of his choosing. Lamar handed the chip to the referee and told him he was cashing in his opportunity right now.


Match 9: Tre’ Lamar defeated Myron Reed via pinfall to become the NEW Tri-State Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

As the official reluctantly called for the bell to start the match, Lamar immediately attacked Reed, who was still recovering from the combination of the prior match and attacks afterward. After an elbow off the top rope, Lamar went for a quick pin but Reed somewhat-surprisingly kicked out. The new champion wasn’t going to go down without a fight, getting in some offense of his own and narrowly missing his own pinfall win. But the fresh Lamar was just too much, eventually spiking Reed into the mat with a brainbuster suplex to get the win and take home the TSW gold.